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Apostle James E. Blue, Jr.

Senior Pastor

Apostle James E. Blue, Jr. and first lady, Grace M. Blue, was commissioned by God to leave Columbus, OH to pastor Cincinnati Bible Way Church in October of 1977.

James was ordained and installed as pastor in November of the same year.  Under the leadership of Pastor James and first lady Grace, CBWC became an exciting, vibrant, growing, non-traditional ministry.  Six years later, May of 1983, the first lady, Grace M. Blue was ordained as pastor. Determined to train and teach God’s people to have an impact as movers and shakers, to be kingdom builders and world changers as they offer their time, talents, and their treasures for the glory of God.

Pastor James E. Blue has attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Temple Bible College, and Florida Memorial College Summer Institute.

Together they have traveled to many cities in the United States, countries in Africa and the Caribbean preaching and teaching the Word of God.  They have conducted marriage, deliverance/healing, and prophetic seminars.

James and Grace have been married since 1976 and are the blessed parents of Patricia, Brian (Patricia’s husband), Angelene, James III, Grace Victoria and the grandparents of Brian Oliver.  Not only have they birthed four beautiful children but have given birth to the Eagle’s Bible Institute with courses in Healing/Deliverance, the Prophetic, Power Evangelism, Hermeneutics, Financial Wisdom, Effective Teaching and other life giving (Zoë) courses to “ Prepare God’s People to Serve and to Impact their Generation.” (513) 561-7764