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2017/11/11 21:03:06

Register for Anniversary Dinner
Note: There is a $2.00 surcharge

PLEASE JOIN US! We would love to have you join us during the special time of celebration, but should prior commitments not allow your personal attendance, you may still be represented by way of a Congratulatory message and/or advertisement in our Celebration Souvenir Book.

The contribution for a message or advertisement is:
Whole page $100; Half page $50; Quarter page $25; Business card ad $10; Patron $2 (per person)
Please send the message or advertisement printer ready or we will design for you. You may email to,
Subject line: Celebration Souvenir Book
or mail in (see address below)

Please complete your registration for attending the celebration and/or congratulatory information for the Celebration Souvenir Book online via PayPal below.

You can also mail your payment to: Cincinnati Bible Way Church 5103 Chapman Street, Cincinnati, OH 45227, Attention: Apostle J. Blue 40th Pastoral Anniversary

Advertisement Option

Join us in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Apostle James E. Blue Jr.

Leave a 1 minute congratulatory  or appreciation message.

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